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Setting up a Team Page for  your team using

enthuse logo.jpg

All teams taking part in the York Rotary Dragon Boat Challenge  must raise at least £1500 in sponsorship through fundraising, as a condition of entry.

Teams must use ONLY the online platform we have set up with our selected partner "Enthuse" and

no other fundraising platforms*. 


Please note we no longer issue paper sponsorship forms, and we can not accept cash or cheques. 

The Team Captain (or team administrator)  needs to set up a TEAM PAGE on the Enthuse platform which is linked to our York Rotary Dragon Boat event. 


Please read the instructions below very carefully (you can also print them out), and

have them to hand;     then when you are ready, click the START HERE >  button

(opens new window)

instructions (or download pdf)

1.  When you click the START HERE button above, you will be taken to our Dragon Boat Event page on the Enthuse platform

      ( )

2.  Click                                                 at the top of the page


              NOTE:     Do NOT use the other buttons (Fundraise for us/  Donate now). 

create a team.jpg

3.   Sign in to create an account with Enthuse (a very simple process)

Note: The individual who sets up the account/team page is automatically designated as the Team Captain.  This can not be changed later on!



4.  Add your Team Name  (this should be the same team name

     you registered with us for the event)




5.   Enter your £ target    nb IGNORE THE "SUGGESTION" OF £100 !

       for a team this must be at least £1500, preferably much more..


6.    On the following pages you can add a team logo and a “Header” image if you wish to (note: you can do this later, and make changes, which might be easier)

      ... then add some text where indicated.


7.   Your page will be given a “url” which you can customise if you

       wish to  (though we'd prefer it left as the team name).






8.   You are then all done!   This page will indicate the url that you

      should COPY and send to all your team's supporters so they can

      find your page.

            You can also preview the page before finishing.

            Once the page is set up you can edit photos, text etc and add

            updates of your team's progress as you wish.

            See also  "Managing Your Team Page"

                             "Setting up an Individual Team Member's page"

Your fundraising page's full url / link will be shown here

team name.jpg
add url.jpg
all done.jpg

You can download a pdf version of these instruction here

One exception to fundraising via the Enthuse platform: 

single donations to teams of £500 or more - such as corporate sponsorship or matched funding - can be sent to us by  bank transfer, so we can avoid heavy platform processing fees;  contact our treasurer for more information 

© 2023 by Rotary Club of York
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