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Setting up a Team member's Individual Fundraising  Page to support  your team using

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Team/crew members  taking part in the York Rotary Dragon Boat Challenge  can set up their own individual fundraising page (linked to their team page) and then use email & social media to publicise this to their friends to garner support.  Note however....

All the money raised by the team member will count towards your Team's target, but ONLY if they set up their page under YOUR TEAM page.    The instructions below show how to do this.

It is vital that their page is set up this way, otherwise we will have no idea which team they are supporting and their money will not therefore go to your team's chosen charity!


Please note we no longer issue paper sponsorship forms, and we can not accept cash or cheques. 

instructions (or download pdf)

1.  Ensure you have the url for YOUR TEAM's fundraising page

      The Team Captain / admin.  will be able to provide you with this)

2.  Open your team's page...   it will look like something like this.....
















Click on 



         NOTE:     Do NOT use the other buttons (such as Donate Now)



3.   Sign in to create an account with Enthuse (a very simple process)



4.  Under "Set a Fundraiser Type"   choose "Personal Challenge"



5.   Under "Personal Challenge" enter the details of the Dragon Boat  Challenge

      (14 July 2024)


6.   Enter your personal £ fundraising target to help your team's

      sponsorship efforts.  This should be AT LEAST £120


6.    On the following pages you can add a team logo and a “Header” image if you

       wish to (note: you can do this later and make changes, which might be easier)



7.    Enter the page title you'd like to see displayed;  and some text

       about your participation in the Challenge 


7.   Your page will be given a “url” which you can customise.






8.   You are then all done!   This page will indicate the url that you

      should COPY and send to all your friends, family and social media

      contacts so they can find your page and donate.

            You can also preview the page before finishing.

            Once the page is set up you can edit photos, text etc and add

            updates of your progress as you wish.


You can edit your Fundraising page at any time by logging in to your Enthuse account and from the top menu choosing  "Manage / My Fundraising Pages"

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all done individual page.jpg

Your fundraising page's full url / link will be shown here

back office INDIVIDUAL.jpg

You can download a pdf version of these instruction here

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