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To help the people of Ukraine and refugees fleeing from Ukraine as a result of the current war,  York Rotary have a number of projects in hand.....

Cash donations

We are collecting donations from members and friends...     

see here for more information

Food collection





Together for




Food is urgently needed now and in the coming months.

Please help York Rotary collect desperately needed food, and Hope and Aid Direct  will deliver it to people fleeing the fighting in Ukraine.

No thanks to meat or fish but yes please to

Any tinned vegetables and pulses such as kidney beans and chickpeas

Dried food – energy bars, pasta, and legumes, such as beans, lentils, and chickpeas

How can you help?    See below....

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Video taken April 6th showing Hope & Aid convoy unloading in Slovakia on the Ukraine border.  The driver/narrator is Charles Storer, CEO of Hope & AId

Food Collection - how you can help

* Watch out for Bin Day Tin Day – operating in some areas of York.  If requested, on your grey bin day, leave tins or packets of food for your local Rotarian to collect.

* If you are a member of a street What’s App group or community Facebook page?  Organize your own collection – you can use Bin Day Tine Day as a focus.

* You could set up a collection at your workplace or group meeting – ask your colleagues or fellow learners or socialites to bring donations.

* We can provide posters that you can customise to help you advertise your collections.

Diane Roworth         Project Co-ordinator, York Rotary


Get in touch with your local collector who will accept, and sometimes collect, donations. 

Acomb                     Dave Marchant      email      01904 330814

                                  Diane Roworth       email      075400 95400 

Bishopthorpe         Diana Naish      email      01904 709767

Stockton on Forest Steve Burton  email       07925 432079      

Tadcaster Road        Mary Lumley  email      01904 703237

More about Hope & Aid Direct

Hope and Aid volunteers by truck
Children at refugee camp

York Rotary is partnering with Hope and Aid Direct on this project.  Here is an extract from their website which explains more about their vital humanitarian work.  

"We are 100% volunteer led UK based humanitarian aid charity operating mainly in mainland Europe. We are a non political, non religious charity. We take aid, not sides!

We have volunteers spread throughout the UK. Nobody takes a salary, so all of the money you donate ends up providing aid to people who really need it.

Teams from all over the UK join together to form a convoy of aid trucks driving for up to six days to reach their destination. They are then supported by volunteers who fly directly to the destination and volunteers in the UK that acquire and pack aid.

Read more...>

Unloading Hope and Aid truck

Unloading a convoy truck

hope and aid
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