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Tools with a Mission


York Rotary have launched a project collecting unwanted tools for Tools With a Mission.

Tools with a Mission collect unwanted tools, they refurbish the tools where required and they they send the tools out to Africa where they are used for training purposes.

Tools are sent to the following countries:

  • Zambia

  • Uganada

  • Zimbabwe

  • Tanzania

  • Malawi

  • DR Congo

The tools are sorted into kits which are sent to be used for training/livelihood creation.  Tools with a Mission work with local charities to make sure that the tools are used where they are needed.

In 2023 Tools with a Mission sent the equivalent of 20 standard 2--foot containers to Africa.  The contents comprised 15,518 tool kits.  This is very useful work and as well as providing tools kits it also saves those otherwise unused tools from going into landfill.


York Rotary are collecting tools for the following disciplines:

  • Mechanics (Garage/Motor/Cycle)

  • Electrical

  • Plumbing

  • Joinery/carpentry 

As an example of the kit contents the following are required for the Joinery/Carpentry kits - Brace and bits, Drills and bits, Bevels, Bradawl, Chisels, Mallet, Hammers, Clamps, Files, Saws, Gauges, Knives, Oil and oilstone, Power tools, Spirit level, Hacksaw, Coping saw, Measuring tape, Gauge, Assortment screws, nails, rawl plugs, etc.

For more details of other kit requirements details can be downloaded by clicking here


Collection arrangements - On behalf of York Rotary the collection of tools and their onward transfer to Tools with a Mission is being managed by Roger Sutton who can be contacted via the following email

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