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York Rotary's Projects  and Causes

Tree planting project  2019

York Rotary's members support the six areas of Rotary's focus and causes to improve peoples' lives, both internationally and locally.


Our projects are created and run by our members and provide them with plenty of fun and achievement whilst contributing to our community and supporting those less fortunate than ourselves. 

We call it "Giving something back"

Here are a few of our projects.....

International focus

In support of Rotary International's work and objectives, York Rotary provide support to international projects - some examples...

Eradication of Polio

We make contributions to Rotary Foundation to support, amongst other things, Rotary's work as a key partner in the eradication of Polio worldwide



Disaster Relief

shelterbox erected.jpg

We support the work of partner organisations such as Shelterbox and Aquabox, who provide rapid response "on the ground" relief when disasters strike across the globe.


Schools in Africa

Through both hands-on support through visits from members, and through fundraising quizzes and other events, we are providing help to two schools in Africa:

Ebenezer School, Zambia

Ella Gordon School, South Africa

ebenezer a.jpg


physionet logo.png
Physionet 2 April  1.jpg

We provide manpower and support for  the work of a local charity and partner Physionet, who collect surplus NHS mobility and related equipment, refurbish if necessary then ship in containers to third-world hospitals and agencies


Aid to Refugees

We work in partnership with Hope & Aid Direct, collecting blankets, towels and sleeping bags locally which are sent to help refugees in camps in a number of islands in Greece. 


hope and aid with rotary.jpg

We're for Communities

York Rotary support our local community through several projects, examples of which include....

York Rotary Family Tree Planting Partnership 

A programme offered in 2018-19 for parents of new babies born in York to have a tree planted to celebrate their happy event as a free gift to the environment

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York Floods Response 

During the 2015 floods in York, we donated cleaning and associated products, as well as raising over £10,000 to help families affected.

IMG_0399 (Large).JPG

Outings for the Elderly

York Rotary organises trips to the theatre, and country drives with afternoon tea, each year for elderly residents of local care homes and isolated elderly people in the community

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York Foodbank 

We raised over £9,500 during the height of the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic to help feed many local disadvantaged families through York Foodbank

Supporting local charities

We support charities both small and large in the York area, through fundraising, distributing grants and through "hands-on" projects.

Examples of how we do this include:

York Rotary Dragon Boat Challenge

Our "flagship" fundraising event has raised over £1.4m since 2003. 


Over 600 take part in these spectacular annual races, the premier event on the River Ouse in York, combining a fantastic day out with raising money for local charities.

York Rotary Fundraising

We raise funds in creative as well as traditional ways; often in partnership with local charities

Kaminari 1.JPG

We run events and dinners to raise funds, We organise concerts such as Taiko Drumming, Ukelele Bands, and Male Voice Choirs 


We run book and accessories sales, and have our own Ebay account to sell high-quality items.  

Hands-on Support

Groups of volunteers offer help to local non-profit groups who need a helping hand.

MySight work 2.JPG

We've cleaned and painted, helped move whole offices, installed units, provided kitchens and much more.. 

Youth Programmes

York Rotary's projects include several supporting the development of skills in young people.

RYLA new logo.jpg


(Rotary Youth Leadership Awards)


We support this very successful national programme that develops leadership skills in young people through a week-long residential course 

Youth competitions


In York we have run local heats of competitions in:

* Rotary Young Musician

* Rotary Young Chef

Youth Challenge

Peat Rigg 4.JPG

We support local residential programmes for disadvantaged children to develop their self-confidence and social skills 

Technology Tournament

IMG_4253 (Large).JPG

An annual competition for local schools, offering youngsters a creative Technology challenge. 

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