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Managing your Team Page on

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Once you have set up your Team Page for Fundraising,   here are a few tips on managing the page

*  Once you are logged in to your Enthuse account, you will see the following menu

* Manage / Team Pages        To make amendments to your Team page, add photos, promote "updates" etc

                                    Click Team Pages, then "Search" to bring up details of your page 

You can see your page (and edit the background and team photos) by clicking the url (second column)  This is an easy way to add updates to your page on how your team are doing.... and to change the £ target for your fundraising


    OR   Click the           icon to the right of your team listing to see this menu...                                                

menu page.jpg
WHEEL Menu.jpg

Close                            Close the page (beware, this prevents donations!)

Settings                        Change features shown on yourTeam page

Edit                                Change / add text, photos etc on your page 

Donate....                      Make a donation yourself to your own Team page

Pay in collected....        DO NOT USE THIS!   Your donations are automatically paid to

                                        York Rotary's Dragon Boat fund, and we make the disbursements..

Offline Donations        Allows for any offline donations to be added Do not use this for Dragon Boats

                                        unless you have authorisation from our treasurer!

buttons on team page editor.jpg

* NEW   There are two buttons on the Team Page editor

                which have been added this year by enthuse

                These are not applicable (see above) to our

                event so please do NOT use these unless you have

                spoken to us first!  (see notes above)

wheel icon.jpg

*  Accounts / Payments        allows you to track and manage all donations made to your Team page;  including any donations made to individual team members' pages that were set up from your Team Page (i.e. using "Join Team") 



*   My Details    to see/amend your profile.

*  Settings          allows you to toggle on/off email notifications of donations to your team  (or donations you make                                    yourself)             

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