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York Rotary Dragon Boat Challenge 2023

Our 21st year  -  and beating all records!!

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Video of the 2023 Grand Final and Wetherby PEI's Triumph

Racing Results Timings  and Prize Winners

Race results jpg 2.jpg

The complete list of timings for each team can be downloaded here

Photos from the July 9th 2023 event

courtesy of Chris Shepherd, Lewis Outing and York Rotary


"Best Dressed Team" Trophy winners "Steiner's Cool" team (Steiner School)

courtesy Lewis Outing

IMG_9037 (Large).JPG

courtesy Lewis Outing

More Photos available from

Chris Shepherd


Lewis Outing

Thanks to our wonderful 2023 sponsors

Read more about our sponsors here

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"The Growlers"  (Ged Bell Butchers)

Challenge Trophy Winners "Weatherby PEI's"  (HMP Weatherby PE Instructors)

courtesy Lewis Outing

courtesy Lewis Outing

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orig_1609_193814897064ab362ba80f8 (Large).jpg

"Key Warriors" (Kitchen for Everyone York) win the Tailernders  Trophy

courtesy Lewis Outing

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orig_1609_47185113264ab36269fc5e (Large).jpg

courtesy Chris Shepherd

IMG_9027 (Large).JPG

At the Rotary Tea Tent (North Bank)

courtesy Chris Shepherd

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courtesy Chris Shepherd

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orig_1609_26668912164ab35fc702f5 (Large).jpg

courtesy Chris Shepherd

courtesy Chris Shepherd

Elly Fiorentini

"Ffunderbolts"   (Family Fund)

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courtesy Chris Shepherd

orig_1609_92176633264ab4112ea558 (Large).jpg

courtesy Chris Shepherd

Tadcaster Trojans receive the Charity Trophy

IMG_9056 (Large).JPG
orig_1609_20663781364ab412888123 (Large).jpg

The Growlers  receive the Ouse Trophy

YO1 Radio team base

courtesy Chris Shepherd

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IMG_9047 (Large).JPG
IMG_9071 (Large).JPG

The Finish Line  in the 2023 Final

orig_1609_27902592164ab36f85b88b (Large).jpg

courtesy Chris Shepherd

Gala Day on the North Bank

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courtesy Chris Shepherd

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courtesy Chris Shepherd

orig_1609_165813836664ab36db9d412 (Large).jpg

courtesy Chris Shepherd

orig_1609_154299582264ab377f13450 (Large).jpg
Rotary charities

York Rotary's Two Nominated Charities for the 2023 event

Big Futures Foundation

bff logo.png

At Big Futures Foundation our goal is to help kids build great lives!  We support children from disadvantaged backgrounds from 5 years old, right through to when they start work.  We provide free counselling services to children and their parents/carers and run Family Activity Groups to develop life skills, self-esteem, confidence and stronger support networks.


We currently work in three primary schools in York, where we tackle poor mental health and emotional wellbeing for families in some of York’s most disadvantaged communities (identified by the Census IDACI scores).

Every child deserves the opportunity to have a big future and build a great life

BFF will stay alongside a child right through school until they leave education or training.

  • Through the move from Primary to Secondary school.

  • When the teenage years hit.

  • When they’re making decisions about what to do when they leave school.



We’ll support their emotional wellbeing and that of their families when it’s needed.  We’ll help to develop the life skills they need to reach their potential at school, in work, and in life. 


In 2023 we will continue our programme in four primary schools and will be introducing our programme into two secondary schools in York, to allow us to continue supporting our children and families who are moving into these schools next year. 

Activities within the sessions include arts and crafts, cooking and baking, sports, dance and games.  As part of our life skills programmes we also take our families on trips to various locations around York.  In the past these have included trips to the theatre, bowling, swimming and local parks.  Our life skills programme for our secondary school children will include access to local youth clubs, mentoring programmes and help and support with extracurricular activities.                    Registered Charity no: 1173374

Kyra Women's Project

kyra logo.png

We are a registered charity in York that exists to help local women make positive change in their lives. We offer a range of courses, therapies, life skills and events for women, from our relaxed, comfortable, city centre location. We welcome anyone who identifies as a woman and is over the age of 18: we have a young women’s project (the ROSE group) for those aged 18-25 and a Time of Our Lives group for women over 50 – but all women are welcome to join any of our activities.


Our door will always be open until every woman in our area feels safe, supported and able to be the person they were always meant to be. By supporting women, we improve the lives of partners, children and families too.

Members have said: “Kyra feels like it has been a lifeline for me. I am at the start of my journey and people from Kyra have been so helpful, I feel with their help and support, I can achieve my goals.”


And: “Before Kyra I had been housebound, I had no self-confidence I felt like I struggled with communication. I now am no longer housebound … they have helped me but also helped myself and my boys as a unit.”

Whole team photo.jpg

Funds raised will enable us to train more specialist counsellors and course leaders to deliver more services to more women.                    Registered Charity no: 1154290

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