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Quest for Friends of York Rotary

Updated: Jan 22

On January 19th, as part of the External Relationships Team, Jane Albon launched her quest to find new Friends of York Rotary.  Earlier in the year, Kevin Grogan, spoke about York Rotary membership, and highlighted action had to be taken.

Jane’s plans for the year, are to ask 1000 people to support York Rotary. At the meeting she explained that charity begins at home and that each member had 30 days to introduce a Friend.  She gave everyone two request flyers, so hoping for 120 new friends from the home team.

Straight from the launch  at Novotel, Jane headed to the York Volunteer Fair. Held at the Priory Street Centre, it was a 3 hour opportunity to find more friends. A great Rotary presence and 13 new friends signed up.

The flyer used has been designed for everyone to use at any event, so just ask if you have an opportunity to meet friends too.


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