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Fundraising update, St Crux and Riviera Travel

St Crux – Thursday 11th April 2024

In spite of the dreadful weather running up to the event, it was a lovely day with sunshine. Even the pigeons stayed away for some of the time until tourists sat on the church wall and fed them!

We were able to put tables out in the Courtyard as the sun gradually started to surface, and all the stalls and Rotary Branding stood out to great effect.  It was a rather slowish start with low footfall but the Welcomers on the gate, with their Rotary buckets and smiling faces, did a great job attracting people walking up and down the Shambles, to come in and try the café.  We were well staffed with Rotarians/Friends of York Rotary (FOYR), Partners/ Neighbours and Friends on the day and the night before helping load the van and then were at St Crux early the next morning to help unload the van before setting up the courtyard in readiness for opening.  It’s become a well- oiled machine!

The Café and Stalls were steady throughout the day with a stream of many tourists.    Left over cakes and chutneys were sold the next day at the Novotel and raised well over £50.

There was a great atmosphere and lots of banter and geniality.

Overall we raised £1384.71 taking into account a last minute donation, this was only £21.83 less than August 2023.

With many thanks to all Rotarians who provided goods for the outside stalls and also provisions for the café, we were very pleased with the overall result which will enable us to support local charities in the coming year.

Our next St Crux event is August 29th when we are hoping that the sun will shine

Riviera Affinity Programme

We had 6 bookings in 2023 from this excellent fundraising opportunity which pays 10% commission to participating Clubs – totalling £1629.81. Overall to date the Club has raised the magnificent amount of £9,967.11 with 54 passengers travelling. Many thanks to all Rotarians/Friends and Families who supported this initiative.  For 2024 we have 2 bookings to date.

For more information prior to booking a trip with Riviera or encouraging friends and family to make a booking attributable to Riviera click here.  As the figures above indicate this is a very worthwhile think to do.



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