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International project support

Aid to Ukraine:


As part of the continuation of support to Ukraine three pallets of Pasta have just arrived in Ukraine as part of a Hope and Aid convoy, one of the pallets can clearly be seen in the rear of the lorry shown in the image to the left.  The cost of the pasta, that exceeded £800 was mainly funded by money provided by Erlangen Rotary following their visit to York last summer.  It is very sad to see the appalling conditions where this aid is being delivered.  Unfortunately the need for this aid will continue for a significant time.


Ebeneezer Childcare Trust:


York Rotary have supported Ebeneezer Childcare Trust and their school for a number of years.  Most recently using the proceeds of an International walk held in 2023 £800 was sent to fund a ping pong table and also to support refurbishment of their basketball area, this is referred to in the extract from their newsletter. 

To read the full news letter click

UK ECCT Newsletter, Issue 38
Download PDF • 8.12MB




As part of a relationship with Hermanus Rotary Club, York Rotary has supported Pebbles Hemel-EN-Aarde Education project with a significant donation that was aided by a Rotary District Grant, the project involved restoration of a historical building to serve as a new ECD.  We have had a recent video update from the pupils at the school, that can be accessed via the link below.

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