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British Transport Police

It was a pleasure to welcome to our Crime and Justice theme of speakers -Detective Sergeant Gary Blackburn of the British Transport Police based at York Railway Station.

He explained that British Transport Police is national police force that police’s the rail network of England , Wales and Scotland. The force police’s more that 10,000 miles of track and covers over 3000 stations and depots . As well as overseeing the movement of millions of passengers each year.

During the talk he explained the challenges, crime trends and issues facing the British Transport Police. It was clear an increasing part of their work is dedicated to safe guarding and protecting the public’s health and well being. Regrettably suicides on the railway are a regular occurrence and as such causes a great deal of distress and disruption to rail service. It was pleasing to note that the BTP work along side the Samaritans our chosen charity for next years Dragon Boat on a suicide prevention programme.

Finishing the talk Gary displayed the equipment carried and worn by the modern police officer - stab vest, body worn camera, extended baton , handcuffs , taser and mobile/radio.

John Lacy

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