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Due to current restrictions regarding social activity,  all "Friends" events are in hold - with the exception of "Online" gatherings.

Reports of past Friends events here

Upcoming summer "Friends" events
on Zoom

We are hoping to set up two "zoom" networking events for "Friends of York Rotary" over the summer.

Can you help?

We're looking for volunteers to lead the two sessions, and/or suggest speakers who could provide us good insights...   We're are proposing the sessions be on the themes of

1.     July


How are we coping during the lockdown?

As we start to emerge from total lockdown,  what postives have come out of the "New world" environment?

How have charities coped with reduced incoming funds?

What government of local authority support have you had?

How has technology such as Zoom changed things for you?

What issues are you dealing with regarding employee welfare, mental health, and attendance flexibility?

2.   September


As we return to normal,  what is going to change?

Working at home

Video conferencing

Attitudes to charity giving

Fundraising methods

etc etc

These sessions will probably last around an hour,  held on weekdays (early evening)

They are open to ALL Friends, who can share experiences and learn what others are doing in these difficult times.

Please email Brian on    with your thoughts and ideas!    Thank you