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York Rotary Choir Entertains at Club Assembly

On Friday 24th May President Elect Mike Hay presented his proposals for the next Rotary year and the York Rotary Choir performed.

Mike presented his plans with enthusiasm and started with giving thanks for the support that President Paul had received during the current year. 

The items that are likely to stay the same where then presented, of those the important aspects where service and support, continuing fellowship and fundraising.

The next aspect of the presentation focused on what was going to change and it was not surprising that Mike indicated Music as being one of his themes along with the Open University, longer standing members talks and early succession planning for the club.  Mike also wants us to continue having fun in what we do and said “let’s not be too serious - we’re all volunteers and we’re in Rotary presumably because we enjoy it.”

Well done Mike, we look forward to a great year with your leadership when it starts in June.

Club Assembly then followed Mikes Music theme and the York Rotary Choir AKA Mike’s choir performed.  Three numbers were performed starting with Sumer is icumen in (14th Century), followed by Now is the month of Maying (17th Century, Thomas Morley) and The Teddybearspicnic 20th century.  The Teddybearspicnic starred Luigi the bear.

As always the standard of performance was excellent and is best seen by watching the video below.

Congratulations to the choir and we look forward to seeing you perform again soon.

David Fotheringham


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