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Another Bowling (relaxed) Challenge!

Mike Miller reports...

On a warm summer evening on August 22nd, 36 keen bowlers and 8 spectators gathered at the Railway Institute Bowling Club, to enjoy our annual bowls tournament, It was organized by Mike Miller ( who wore a white bowls club shirt and brought his own woods, in the hope of convincing everyone that he knew what he was talking about !).

We talked about “woods”, “ends”, “shot”, and someone called “jack”, but after the usual chaotic start, we muddled through for an hour and a half. We were given lots of advice by some of the bowls club members, who had given up their evening to help. ( Their reward was to be greatly amused by our efforts). It was a toss-up as to which was our biggest challenge – getting the wood near the jack, or understanding how to complete the scorecard.

Meanwhile the non players relaxed on the terrace, (with the help of the barman), and entertained themselves discussing how their age and ailments had prevented them from playing this year.

Afterwards, we went in the clubroom, and were served pies, peas, and chips followed by sponge and custard , by a pleasant team of lady bowls club members ( who also had voluntarily given up their evening to be there,)

During the meal, our club forensic officer examined the score cards, in a valiant attempt to find any evidence of which team might have won. To the surprise of many, he was able to announce the results.

The top two teams were very close, and in second place was the team of Jim Wragg and Mike Saville, led by the very competitive David Impey, with a score of a net +14 points.

In first place, the all lady team of Enid Rayner and Jackie Grogan, led by Rosemary Cranidge, with a score of +16. The 3 members of the winning team were rewarded by a bottle of wine each, presented by our President Elect, Mike Hay.

l-r Mike, PE Mike, and the winning team (Rosemary, Enid and Jackie)

All in all, members thoroughly enjoyed the occasion and had lots of fun. Sometimes in Rotary, it’s good just to relax together, without any other pressures.

See you next year!


York Rotary News

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