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25th World scout jamboree

Many will have read how the 25th World Scout Jamboree in South Korea was plagued with problems. Well on Friday 25th August we heard a first hand account from two 14 year old 1st Holgate Scouts - Charlotte Grant and Max Moody of their experiences.

They were part of the UKs contingent of 4500 scouts and leaders at the 35th World Scout Jamboree at Saemangeum in South Korea. The Uk scout group joined 40,000 other scouts from over 150 countries.

They described how the Jamboree was marred from the start by a heatwave, heavy rain, lack of shade and unsanitary conditions. The heavy rain meant the scouts had to pitch their tents on pallets in swamp like conditions putting their resilience, tenacity and survival skills to the test. However after a few days the UK contingent increasingly concerned about the conditions on site and the possibility of typhoon conditions decided to withdraw from the campsite to hotel accommodation in Seoul.

It was evident from the presentation that the UK scouts were prepared to adapt to a somewhat revised programme by visiting tourist sites, cultural and sporting events and all that Seoul had to offer. What was also clear from both Charlotte and Max they gained incredible memories and life-lasting skills from this challenging experience which they were prepared to share to our club.

John Lacy


York Rotary News

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