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Ebay for charity

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Sell your stuff!!

York Rotary have a Charity Account with Ebay, the online auction and selling site. 

Donated items from members can be sold without any fees, and the funds go directly into our Charity Fund.

Here's how it works....



Organised through our Fundraising Team,  the Club has set up a “charity account” with Ebay,  which allows us to sell/auction members’ unwanted items on Ebay, with all funds going directly to our Charity Fund (via Paypal) with NO fees or deductions.

This allows members to donate items that are not suitable for “St Crux” sale, and use them to raise funds for our charities.

Here is how it works…

  • All the admin, advertising, packing, despatch and payment collection is done by the Club’s Ebay administrator (currently Brian Joscelyne)


  • Items for sale can be donated by members (e.g. unwanted gifts or other household items)


  • Ideally, items should be capable of being posted/sent by courier so that they can be bought by anyone in the UK.  (We charge postage separately to the buyer)


        NOTE: Large bulky items will be restricted to “collection only” sale, which of course limits the market for the item.


  • Members can donate items in two ways


  • By giving them to the Ebay administrator, for him/her to sell on behalf of the Club    

  • Or,  if the item is bulky, by providing jpg photographs and a full description of the item


  • If the item is bulky, then once the item is sold, the member will need to agree, using email or phone, with the buyer (whose details will be provided by the administrator) a mutually suitable time for the buyer to come and collect the item from their home.


  • We can sell most items on Ebay,  but please note the following


        -  The item must be in new or “good” used condition (no bric-a-brac!!)

        -  No electrical items will be sold unless they are new and still in the box.

        -  Items should have a realistic resale value of at least £10

        -  Guidance can be sought from the administrator before donating an item;  the administrator will have the final decision about whether an item is likely to be saleable on Ebay.

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