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York Rotary Centenary Celebration

Dinner, dance and show 
with the fabulous

Friday November 19th 2021
at York Racecourse
Ebor Suite



What a Great Night!

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A report from President David can be found on our news page here
It was a very successful evening with Rotarians from Clubs across our regions, and guests from other organisations and friends we are associated with.  After a wonderful 3-course meal provided by the Racecourse caterers, the dance floor was packed as we all enjoyed the 90-minute non-stop party with ABBA Revival.  They were brilliant. 

Here is a compilation "Watch the Event" 4-minute video of the evening,  and lots of other photos and videos as a reminder of a memorable centenary celebration. 


Watch the Event Video

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IMG_9779 (Large).jpg
IMG_9777 (Large).jpg
IMG_9774 (Large).jpg
IMG_6558 (Large).JPG

Click any image to expand it!

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IMG_9815 (Large).jpg
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IMG_9797 (Large).jpg
IMG_9810 (Large).jpg
IMG_9809 (Large).jpg
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