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Tuesday June 13th 2023

Venue:  Starting at the Novotel, Fishergate, followed by buffet at the Novotel


This is a social event.


Start of treasure hunt 17.30 to 18.00


Buffet at Novotel 20.00


Teams of two are to participate, but if they wish two teams can walk together.  Guests of Rotarians are welcome.

There will be prizes for the first three teams.  If teams are tied the quicker team will win, the start and finish times will be recorded.  The walk is under two miles, there are some steps near the start, though those can be bypassed.


Cost:   £20.00 per person for treasure hunt and buffet or £16.00 for buffet only.

Pre-booking essential, closing date for entries Thursday 8th June.

Event organiser: David Impey

The booking form goes to David Impey

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Tresaure Hunt 3.jpg
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