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Welcoming 3 new members

On October 1st we were delighted to welcome three new members to York Rotary.

Steve, Jacquie, President David, and Jane

President David welcomed Jane Albon, who has been an Associate Members during the last year's strange times meeting over Zoom. Jane decided after meeting us all in person that we were not so bad after all, and we are delighted she has become a full Rotarian member. Jane has an extensive background

in manufacturing and sales, having run her own international business in the childrens' clothing sector.

Also joining us are a husband and wife team, Steve Magac and Jacquie Dean, who have recently moved back to York. Steve was a member of Bacup Rotary in Lancashire, so transferred his membership to us. His background is in the legal sector, as a solicitor.

Jacquie had a career in public housing and local government, including a period as Chief Executive of a London borough council.

She describes herself as being a good organiser, very capable but being a bit bossy.... she will make a perfect Rotarian!

We welcome all three to York Rotary and wish them success as they get involved in our activities and hopefully have fun doing so.

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