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Walk in the Wolds

Photos by Dave T

Graham reports... T’was a damp and heavily overcast morning on July 16th, when a dozen or so Rotarians and partners gathered at Wetwang, for a 6 mile amble through the beautiful Wolds countryside. Pleased to see each other in the flesh – some more long-haired than others - the only ‘zooms’ in sight were fighter aircraft zooming across the north of England

The wide open horizons, so characteristic of the Wolds - with large fields of healthy looking wheat – made for a very enjoyable walk. A long strip of flax – identified thanks to Nigel – added a delightful touch of blue colour to the scenery.

We inspected part of the abandoned route of the Malton to Driffield railway line – much to the interest of the railway enthusiasts amongst us. There are not many new farms on the Wolds, but we found one – Station Farm – which arrived shortly after the railway was constructed in the 1840s. As a ‘modern’ farmhouse it looked slightly out of place!

Good wide tracks for a large part of the way, helped with the social distancing. The occasional damp spell wasn’t a problem, but a heavier shower when we returned to Wetwang spoiled the anticipated picnic.

The Wolds were as deserted as usual – we saw half a dozen other walkers – only exceeded by the seven people queueing for fish and chips in the village! The weather was disappointing, particularly when Paul Hudson, Look North’s much-loved weather forecaster, is Honorary Mayor of Wetwang and has been since 2006 – thought he’d have had the weather there sorted by now!

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