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Update on the Ebenezer Piggery in Zambia

Last February the "Big Quiz" at Stockton-on-Forest Community Hall was organised by Mary and Sheila to raise funds - over £2100 - for a new Piggery at the Ebenezer Children's Farm in Zambia.

We have just received the latest Newsletter from the Ebenezer Trust which includes the following article about the opening of the Piggery...

Newsletter Issue No.8 www.ebenezerzambia.org

"The challenges faced by Zambia in securing the food as well as nutritional security to fast growing population need an integrated approach for livestock farming. Among the various livestock species, piggery is most potential source of meat production and more efficient feed converters after the broiler. Apart from providing meat, it is also a source of bristles and manure which can be used at the farm. There is good demand from domestic as well as export market for pig. The farm is located in a now growing residential area as government has in the recent past been allocating land. This provides for the new and growing market.

For this this reason, ECCT farm has embarked on piggery farming as a one of the most lucrative and profitable livestock businesses. Pig farming will provide supplementary income to help improve the living standards of the children. Recently, the farm rehabilitated one of the shelters to make it a piggery. The rehabilitation of the piggery has been completed and pigs have since been bought 6 gilts and 1 boar.

“We are very confident on the leadership of the new Farm Manager (Benedict Mofu) as he has exhibited commitment in planning and execution of outlined projects: the piggery is not exceptional. We are very optimistic about this project as it will contribute to the goal to-wards self-reliance. I would like to thank the donors especially Mary Lumley and her UK team for contributing funds towards this project. We are hoping to raise more funds so that we can start processing products such as bacon, ham, sausages, etc. ” said Owen Lisulo, Executive Director of ECCT."

"Pigs May Fly" Quiz Night in February 2020

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