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Update from Zambia

Updated: Apr 16

Mary Lumley reports....

On Friday March 18th our speaker through the power of Zoom was Owen Lisulo, the Executive Director of Ebenezer Childcare Trust (ECCT) in Livingstone Zambia.

Owen gave us a delightful and informative talk on the progress made recently towards making the organisation self-sufficient and self-sustaining. This was music to my ears as it had been the dream of Ranji Chara, the Founder of ECCT, who Sheila and I had the pleasure of meeting in 2015 and who sadly died in 2016.

Owen enlightened and entertained us with information on what is happening currently on the Ebenezer Farm and thanked York Rotary sincerely for our funding contributions over the past few years which have played a significant part in the progress made to date and will continue to help further into the future.

As well as showing us a number of food crops they grow on the farm for the children to eat at the school and orphan village he showed us videos of healthy pigs and piglets in the refurbished Piggery funded by York Rotary in 2019. The pigs not only provide food for the children but are also sold for profit.

Owen then proudly showed the Egg Incubator York Rotary have recently purchased which will allow them to raise 1000 chicks at a time which they will sell as a prosperous business venture.

Looking to the future they are hoping to raise and sell fish commercially and have already dug out 3 ponds on the farm. They also hope to be able to butcher and sell meat. In order to do this they are going to need a large cold room facility.

Maybe York Rotary could support them in this venture which will take them ever closer to self-sustainability?

Fish Ponds

Ann and Keith Olford also joined us on Zoom from Par in Cornwall. Ann and Keith and I became involved with ECCT following a holiday at Victoria Falls in 2005. We had a very persuasive Courier who told us of this new charitable organisation whose aim was to ‘provide a home, someone to call Mother, an education and a future’ for some of the most needy children in Africa. Ann and Keith Founded, and are still Trustees of, the charity Friends of Ebenezer Childcare Trust (UK). All funds York Rotary have provided have gone to ECCT through this charity.

Having heard Owen speak I am confident that the future for the children at Ebenezer School and Orphan Village is secure. I am proud that York Rotary has played a part in this path to this success.

Ed: You can see a pre-recorded version of Owen's talk here https://youtu.be/wHJ4Dm43RFQ

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