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Transitions on the sofa!

Updated: Jul 12, 2021

Normally the process of handing over the responsibilities (and formal regalia) of office from one president to another has a rather more formal setting; but these are unusual times.

So it was that on July 2nd the presidency of York Rotary was passed from Kevin Grogan to David Fotheringham as they sat on sofas in David's house; viewed via zoom by over 50 York Rotary members. With two cameras - it was a test of our new "hybrid" approach to face-to-face meetings with zoom capability - the drama was played out with a light touch. Incoming President-Elect Mary Lumley was also part of the proceedings, watched by Kevin's partner Jackie.

There will be more formal "ceremony" later in the month, but the informal setting and fun of this "Handover! was still much appreciated.

In the garden: Mary, President David, Kevin

(a fuller report of this meeting will be published later)

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