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Trevor reports.....

On March 4th we had a very interesting presentation - over Zoom - from Paul Daley about the the work of the Christian Charity "Tools With a Mission" (TWAM), based in Ipswich.

The charity was set up over thirty years ago and collects and refurbishes unwanted usable tools, sorts them into trade toolkits, refurbishes them, and sends them abroad.

In many countries people have few skills little education and no means of earning a living. TWAM works across Sub-Saharan East Africa setting up approved training workshops to teach skills in tailoring, carpentry, mechanics and other trades.

In this way people are able to find productive work and earn a living.

Based in Ipswich the Charity collects, refurbishes and sends around twenty containers filled with over 300 tonnes of tools a year to East Africa.

On the Zoom conference call we were joined by member Ian Helby from South Africa, who knows TAWM well; and by two Rotarians from Zimbabwe who had been involved in distributing TWAM products across their country. A real International meeting!

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