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The Role of Yoco

Frank reports...

The York Central Masterplan disappointed and provoked many local residents to set up a MyYorkCentral group .They initiated a significant public consultation campaign which eventually established principles they hoped would apply to the implementation of the development of this long term project.

Summarised these are : -

· York Central should address York’s housing inequalities , create a mixed community and build homes not holiday lets.

· Bring walkable access to shops, gyms, culture, entertainment, public transport .

· Build in low running costs through high building standards.

· Provide liveable streets and safe neighbourhoods for children to grow up.

· Keep cars to the periphery,

· Plan for quick and reliable public transport and prioritise direct routes for those on foot, bikes and with mobility aids.

· Plan for creative vibrant urban space by mixing up work, living and cultural buildings and spaces.

· Design indoor and outdoor public space and forms of collaborative governance that enable communities to take ownership and to cultivate lots of different activities.

Penny Bainbridge, our speaker on March 12th, explained that York Co-Owned Housing (YOCO) was established as an organisation to work with the City and York Central Partnership to have these ideals accepted. She emphasised that no formal commitments existed, no sites had been allocated and the various ideas for development were all aspirational .

The current priority was to establish a Company limited by guarantee on similar lines to YorkSpace who were well advanced in applying the concept to the Lowfield site in York.

YOCO will be launching a campaign to attract new members and hope to acquire a building in the area as a base for building up the operations. The vision is for a thriving neighbourhood connected to a thriving city, a place where citizens choose to take care of their environment and neighbours -a place where people create lives and an economy which is healthy and sustainable.

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