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The Humble Kit Kat Story

Sheila reports..

Since early November we have been distributing Kitkats at the Vaccination Hub as a small thank you and treat to as many Volunteers and Staff at the Hub as we can by hand. We were advised by the Volunteer Coordinator, Hannah Linaker, on their busiest days and times and have tweaked that as vaccine demand has waxed and waned. Sunday is their busiest day and we have been able to do a ‘Kitkat Drop” each Sunday during November plus weekdays.

So who are the Volunteers helping the Volunteers……………….

We are a small (but beautifully formed group – you may disagree!) of 4 Rotarians who all live very near to the Hub. The distribution is mainly in the open air and we wrap up warm, topped by Rotary tabards so we stand out. We get a very small taste of what it’s like to be outside on a rotten day and it’s fair to say that we have even more respect for all those Volunteers who do 4 hour shifts in all weathers.

As we are not allowed in the Clinical areas, we leave what Kitkats remain in the café/rest area for staff -Parking Marshalls, Office staff and Clinical staff with a sign saying who they are from.

At first people thought we were collecting but were delighted to receive such an unexpected small treat – we have had some fantastic greetings and smiles of surprise and delight and we soon became known as the Rotary Kitkats (whoever knew Rotary Buckets would come in so handy!). We are now allowed to use the service road between the new Askham Bar Park & Ride and the Vaccination Hub on the old Park and Ride site and our arrival is announced by Walkie Talkie!!!! Feels rather famous for such a small thing but these small treats go down an absolute storm.

So where did the Kitkats come from? …..Nestle kindly donated 360 then Tesco 105 and we have recently purchased another 105 with Members donations remaining from the earlier successful RaVE initiative.

In all we will have delivered some 570 of these ‘wee treats’ between 3rd November and 5th December which is what we hoped to be able to do.

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