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The Antibiotic Resistance threat

Our speaker on August 14th, Vicki Joughin, enjoyed a career in UK and International Healthcare Marketing, joining Johnson and Johnson in 1995 and finally retiring in 2017.

On retirement Vicki looked for a charity where she could offer the skills that she had developed during her career and admitted she didn’t have to look far before she came across Antibiotic Research UK (ANTRUK), the first UK charity founded to address the problem of antibiotic resistance infections.

Vicki’s presentation highlighted the importance of antibiotics since their initial discovery by Alexander Fleming in the 1920’s. The effectiveness of antibiotics has been phenomenal since then and we have all benefitted from them in some way. However, as a result of what sometimes is overuse, by 2017, bacterial infections resistant to antibiotics had resulted in 33,000 deaths in Europe, and approximately 6,000 of these were in the UK.

The routine use of antibiotics in animals reared for our food has accelerated the situation.

Like Covid-19, this is a global issue, and the result of it may mean that what are now considered routine and even common operations both minor and major, could be less available in the future, and may be considered too risky, due to the possibility of bacterial infections resistant to antibiotics.

Covid 19 has brought added challenges, as some patients succumb to secondary bacterial infections as a result of Covid.

Vicki explained that we can help by supporting the charity – ANTRUK – in a number of ways, are illustrated here, and especially by demonstrating a commitment to supporting the vision of ANTRUK which is to save modern medicine

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