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The £1000 Big Quiz!

Updated: Jan 16

Sheila and Mary report...

January 7th saw our second Virtual Big Quiz night – this time in aid of Hope and Aid whose strapline is “We Take Aid not Sides” The organisation is a 100% volunteer-led UK based humanitarian charity (nobody takes a salary) operating mainly in mainland Europe specifically, at the moment supporting in the migrant crisis in Greece where in excess of 60,000 refugees are stranded.

We were both delighted at the interest shown in the Quiz night and we had twice as many participants as our first Virtual Quiz night. On the night we had 51 screens on Zoom with over 90 people taking part. We were delighted to see many old and new friends. Our regular Rotary Quiz goers alongside FOYR, our consistent loyal friends and neighbours, plus Rotarians from Barnard Castle and Barnsley and a new International contingent from Hermanus in South Africa and Erlangen in Germany. Also joining us were Marie Curie volunteers again and last but not least Charles Storer, the Head of Operations for Hope and Aid together with 20 Hope and Aid supporters…………………..the Wonders of Zoom!!!!!!

Charles took a few moments to tell us a little about the Charity and showed us 3 very moving photographs...

Photo 1 “ you are all probably familiar with this sight but what happens after this?”

Photo 2 “ a whole family lived in this tent”

Photo 3 “this speaks for itself”

He then went on to say what they were hoping to raise funds to continue their work and aimed to raise some £25k to enable this.

We then got stuck into the Quiz….. ably assisted by our resident Techie Mike Hay. We had 6 rounds of stimulating and varied topics (well we would say that wouldn’t we!!!!) and kept the popular format of Chat Rooms between each round to enable sharing of views/ answers if participants so wished. A new idea for us, was the introduction of using a ‘Wild Card’ when participants could choose 1 topic from the 5 on offer for a chance of doubling their score - the theory being that you chose the topic you thought you would do best at – in some cases this was a great success and others not quite so 😊😒😉 !!!

The maximum score was 80 and we are delighted to say that a volunteer with Hope and Aid participating with her husband, scored a massive 72 points and is now the proud winner of Mary’s Granny’s Virtual Rose Bowl.

We are delighted to say that we raised the massive sum of £1,060 which included a very generous donation from the Rotary Club of Erlangen of £350 and some kind donations from club members (thank you). With appropriate Gift Aid added, we should be able to send £1107 to a very happy Charles at Hope and Aid to kickstart his latest fundraising target.

UPDATE Charles has just been informed of what was raised and is absolutely delighted and asks that we send you all a HUGE THANK YOU.

[Ed: And a big THANKS to Mary and Sheila for organising and running such a great, and successful, evening!]

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