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St Crux goes digital!

Sheila reports...

We were fundraising on April 27th with our stalls and cafe at St Crux in York.

In spite of the lower customer footfall – we did very well indeed much to our surprise and delight.

The overall total was a massive £1448.66 coming in in front of last September when we raised £1276.77 (increased by £171.79) and slightly behind our previous record of £1451.88 in May 2019 which was pre covid. Clearly the availability of Contactless payments had a huge impact on this final sum which is great news. It confirmed that digital cash is the future!

The Team will be looking at the takings of each stall to determine if we need to make some changes for our next St Crux in September.

What is clear, I feel, is that people were focussing on the basics – the Café and Home Produce rather than the stalls – this may be an indication of the current financial climate.

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