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Spring walk, 17th April

A group of seven went on the first Rotary walk since January.  Over the last two months walks have been cancelled due to unsuitable ground conditions, so it was nice to be out on a cold, but mainly sunny day.


The route was provided by Graham Wilford, the brief given to Graham was a walk that was not muddy and Graham achieved that brief.  Graham was not with us, but the route was clear and we did not get lost.

We started walking from the edge of Strensall Common and we walked a circular route of approximately 4.5 miles, mainly on the flat.  As we walked down Lilling Lane we had nice views of Sherrif Hutton Castle in the distance.  As we continued it became apparent that a very large civil engineering scheme had being taking place in the area.  From an Environment Agency information board it was apparent that it was the a major scheme creating the Foss Flood Storage area at a cost of £17.5m with the aim of reducing flood risk to approximately 490 properties in York and Strensall (a cost of £36,000 per property).  The scheme will achieve a wetland area supporting wildlife, as well as protecting properties, so that can only be to the good.

The scheme includes what is described as an Impoundment Structure.  Paul Roberts was impressed by the description of the structure which in reality was a dam with controlled outflow provisions!

We ended the walk by going over the York – Scarborough line via an unstaffed pedestrian crossing.

The walk was completed by lunch at Tykes restaurant, Flaxton.  As is often the case the walk was an opportunity to look at and learn about something new and to be able to share it with friends.

David Fotheringham

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