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Shouksmith Trophy & Thompson Plate refought

Steve B reports.... Competition for these 2 prestige, long standing, Club Golf trophies rejoined at Pike Hills Golf Club on August 19th under the most capable direction of Dennis Adamson and David Impey, with only 7 members in the fray. Tom Jackson and Dennis took the first tee- time fully motorised, followed by David and Stuart Cranidge, Mike Sullivan, Steve Burton and the late arrived Graham Todd, more of whom later, taking up the rear.

The weather, fair but cloudy, saw golf of all standards, with many duffed drives and missed putts, prevalent in the last 3-ball especially.

The golfers, wives and guests, re-gathered at 7pm for an excellent 2 course meal in the clubhouse and were particularly pleased to welcome Carolyn Sweeney and President David and Janet.

The prize giving was introduced by David I. who thanked every one for their attendance, great to see so many people ‘in the flesh’ once more, regretting though the reduction in golfers now available to take part in these events, where the Shouksmith event only a few years ago having attracted over 20 entrants, now down to 7 today.

Denis took over and explained that The Shouksmith, originally and ‘til 2 years ago, being a knock out competition played through the summer months, with the Thompson being a knock out for first round losers. This had had to be revised in 2020 due to the late in season easing of Covid restrictions, with the prizes going to the best and second best scorers on the day, not quiet in the spirit of the first round losers having a second chance at a prize. He advised that Steve had come up with an alterative, ‘clear as mud’, way of resolving this anomaly, with the best Stableford score of the day winning the Shouksmith, the winner of each of the 3 games then being eliminated and the best of ‘first round’ losers taking the Thompson Plate.

President David was invited to present the prizes, the winner, being announced by Denis, of Shouksmith Trophy David Impey with an impressive 35 points; he, Dennis and Mike Sullivan then eliminated as first round winners.

The Thompson Plate necessitated a ‘count back’ to last 9 holes resulting in Graham beating Steve for the Thompson Plate; leaving Steve perplexed as to why his selection method had not favoured him, especially as he had even marked Grahams card.

Congratulations to the winners.

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