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Rule-of-Six President's Cup

A Covid-friendly pod of six alleged golfers congregated at Fulford Golf Club on 20th September in the last days of the summer’s sunshine.

Keith Hayton, David Impey and Mike Sullivan made up the first 3-ball with Dennis Adamson, Tom Jackson and Steve Burton the second. As ever the golf was its usual mixed bag of great drives, duffed seconds, long puts sunk and tiddlers missed – all of which having to be deeply discussed in great detail in the 19th afterwards.

Mike Sullivan about to drive off on 1st hole

The ‘nearest the pin’ prize on the 5th was unclaimed as no player managed to get the ball on the green in one; the ‘longest drive’ on 15th modestly won by Steve!

Mike Sullivan metamorphosed into David Jesper when the golf was over, the former unable to stay for the meal, the latter standing in for President Kevin to present prizes [strange to appreciate we have a ‘working’ President these days].

New chef Christian served up an excellent Steak pie & chips followed by generous apple crumble and custard which all seemed to well enjoy.

(pic right: ‘David Impey ponders if can get away with eating all the chips!’)

Full report is on our Golf page here

It was good to report all 6 golfers had in excess of 20 Stableford points –

3rd place Steve Burton 26

2nd place David Impey 27

1st place

Dennis Adamson (pictured - r) 31 collects the Presidents Cup 2020 from PP David Jesper (l)

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