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"Rotary Police" - memories from 30 years ago!

As part of our Christmas Zoom meeting on December 18th, a video was shown, that had been "dug up" from the archives, of a York Rotary Presidents Dinner celebration in May 1991 that featured a post-dinner song and dance cabaret routine loosely based on the famous Gilbert and Sullivan song "A Policeman's Lot" cleverly adapted to reflect a "Rotary President's Lot"... by John Russell. Other current members who were featured were Brian Houghton and Barry Campbell.

The cabaret played on the then President Patrick White’s position, prior to his retirement, of Deputy Chief Constable of North Yorkshire.

The organisers included Patrick’s brother and fellow Rotarian John White – a professional actor – who was the choreographer and martinet as he drilled and re-drilled the participants endlessly.

Thanks to Graham Wilford who supplied this information - and more in Rotagraph- from our archives; and to Graham Todd who apparently took the video!

The June 1991 edition of Rotagraph - available in our archives - describes the event this way... not very "pc" by today's standards!!!

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