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Requiem for a Rotary Caravan!

Photo courtesy of Chris Shepherd

The story of the York Rotary Caravan was told with some style at our meeting on October 22nd.

Here are the highlights, including a video of the slideshow presented!

The Club’s Caravan – 2003-21

by Graham Wilford

When it was suggested that it would be useful to have a Rotary ‘Base’ at the forthcoming Dragon Boat Challenge, the then President Elect Robin Rich was quick off the mark and found the Club a second-hand caravan which, although 18 years old was in good condition, and which the Club bought for £300.

It did faithful service at each of the Dragon Boat Challenges, was used at many of the Club’s Blood Pressure Testing Days and various other Club occasions.

It was stored in one of Rotarian Peter Fox’s barns at Dunnington.

By 2021, it was considered to have reached the end of its life and with Peter Fox’s death, its ‘home’ was no longer available. After its final outing to the 2021 Dragon Boat Challenge, it was taken by the President David Fotheringham to a scrap yard.

During it’s time, it had served the Club well, had been the butt of much humour, but Club Members were sad to see it go. John Lacy gave a touching lament (see below) to the caravan’s passing at the Club Lunch on 22nd Oct 2021 followed by a Powerpoint presentation - ..the best bits - made to record its ’membership’ of the Club.

Gone but not forgotten


Rotarian John Lacy’s lament to the Rotary caravan...

"It is with great sadness we report the loss of one of our clubs longest standing members who over many years has given a long and distinguished service to the York Rotary Club.

If I understand it correctly this member was introduced and brought along to the club over 20 years ago by Rotarian Robin Rich.

From the very early years this member played an active role in the blood testing initiative and according to our records never missed a Dragon Boat event. Despite not being in the best of health was there this year standing proud as ever promoting rotary.

I first met this member along with Frank Paterson in 2005 when as the Licensing manager for the City Council I found them standing in St Sampson’s Square selling programmes with out permission.

This member was very close to the late Peter Fox and over the years has been very attached to many club members including our current president David.

The family asked at this sad time and taking into account Covid a private service of remembrance. On the clubs behalf President David and I attend a short service at Murton.

Fellow members we report the loss of Rotarian caravan.

In true strictly come dancing tradition here are Rotarian caravans best bits........"

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