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Playing Bowls and learning the lingo

It turned out to be a perfect evening with warm sunshine (creating a mottled shadow pattern which some of us were able to use as an excuse for some very poor bowling!) and a good turnout of 30 bowlers – Rotarians and partners – who competed in teams on 3 in relaxed style.

The ten teams played 10 “ends” each against each other, and got to grips with the scoring system, aided by the “professionals” from the Railway Institute Bowls Club who knew what they were doing, and gave us encouragement as well as guidance!

Not to mention explaining the bowling fraternity’s unique language… Sometimes fine judgements were needed to determine which “wood” was “holding shot” and closest to the “jack” at each “end” after successful use of the “Bias”! I was told they sometimes use feeler gauges to determine this.

It was all exhilarating stuff, and the number of arguments between teams could have been counted only one - or perhaps two - hands.

Right - "How many "feet" it it then...?)"

Measuring to the millimetre

As the sun set, and backs and thighs started to ache after a period of 18 months lack of use, we all returned to the club house and were joined by half a dozen more "non-playing" members for a delicious steak pie peas and chips supper, followed by even more delicious artic roll, strawberries and cream.

The fellowship and laughter continued, only to be interrupted by Mike announcing the winning teams of our epic encounter. Runners up were John Lacy with Val Revell and Kevin Grogan.

The winners, collecting the bottles of wine, were David Minns, Janine Jackson and Paul Harvey. Well done to them all. (pictured with Mike Miller and President David who presented the bottles)

It was a great evening, and our thanks go to the staff and caterers at the Bowling Club for their help and for the wonderful food – and especially to organiser Mike Miller (aided by David Minns) and the YR Social Team for running such a successful event.

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