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On Frauds and Scams

Steve B reports.... On April 16th we were delighted to greet Catherine Robertshaw of the NatWest Bank Anti Scam and Fraud team to speak to us; her colleague having been heard by me at Keswick Rotary some 2.5 years ago - it was a presentation not disappointing to hear again.

Computer fraud and telephone scams are more prevalent than many believe, due to many victims embarrassment to even report to the authorities, never mind friends, that they have been ‘suckered’.

The perpetrators spend great deal of time and money on sophisticated systems and research to glean the most minimal items of personal data to allow them to build a ‘friendship’ with the victim. These details being obtained from such sources as social media postings, innocent sounding telephone ‘surveys’ and trawls of search preferences.

We are all susceptible to unwanted phone and e-mail contacts generated by sophisticated computer systems, maybe picking up only 1 in 1000 opportunities to the criminal who, using ‘information’, then builds a relation ship to offer untold benefits and who doesn’t what to be smart and get ahead of the game!

Many examples were discussed and Catherine promises to distribute more info and contact details to guide us further via Hon Sec Mike. She even went further to invite members to contact her privately to discus concerns – NatWest customer or not.

Her main messages were:

Just put the phone down on unsolicited phone calls – it may take few months for them to drop you but they will.

Check the source of unsolicited e-mail addresses by ‘hovering’ cursor over sent from address - which will show actual source - them SPAM or refer it to monitoring agency.


- a financially savvy business man and wife friend of mine watched in horror as all their bank accounts emptied after falling of such a scam, which, after many phone calls from a very friendly well spoken advisor, convinced them to make a small investment

Luckily they reported it immediately to their bank and were reimbursed – many are not so lucky.

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