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Not just a walk - an ode too!

Paul Roberts waxes poetical on the September 15th walk...!

On Wednesday morning ten a.m.

The walkers gathered, eight of them,

At Welburn's Crown and Cushion pub,

Their spirits high, their peckers up.

Then off they strode through field and lea

With chatter, mirth and jollity.

They crossed Cram Beck on plastic boards

In dank Todd Wood, then climbed towards

Fair Hutton Hilltop, where they wheeled

Nor'west o'er ridged and stubbled field.

A path 'tween stalks of wheaten crop

Led swiftly up to Gaterley top.

What better place to take a break

And savour tasty Jaffa cake?

Ahead a view of awe and wonder:

Hawksmoor's mausoleum rotunda.

The feet now tramped on track and road;

Horizons opening shortly showed

Temple, pyramid and Vanbrugh's pile.

Completing just one tarmac'ed mile,

The walkers turned, this time due south,

Regained soft contact with brown earth.

East Moor Banks' green way they took

And crossed by bridge the Moorhouse brook.

A gentle slope led from the shade;

The ramblers op'd a gate and made

Their way along a grassy trail

To journey's end and right good ale.

A toast to chums on this short hike:

Eileen, Nigel, Ros and Mike,

David, Graham and his pal,

A warm salute to one and all!

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