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Updated: Jul 15

John Lacy reports...

It’s pleasing to report the 1200 trees planted in 2018/19 for the York Rotary Family Tree Project on land off Haxby Road behind the new hospital and adjacent to the River Foss are now well established and maturing nicely.

The Rotary motto of Service before self was well in evidence as Frank Paterson recently battered and bruised from his Dragon Boat experience, along with fellow Rotarians and three volunteers from Aviva, turned up on one of the hottest days of the year on July 11th to remove grass and weeds from the base of the trees to optimise root production for water uptake during this drought period.

As one member of the Aviva team said “We never knew this wooded and river bank walk existed . It is rewarding to be involved in a community programme which we at Aviva are committed to helping."

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