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More Rotarian Lies

In another return to the much-loved format of “Would a Rotarian Lie to You” (WARLTY) around 50 members partners and friends gathered “virtually” via Zoom on February 8th, for more merriment, stories and outright lies.

Our friends from Erlangen Rotary have always been part of our WARLTY events, and seem to get particular pleasure from mixing with us socially and enjoying the action.    On this occasion we had eleven German participants plus partners, which made for a great evening – despite their having to grapple with our strange language and customs (such as Teddy Bears Picnics!)

There was the usual mix of strange stories and outrageous untruths.   Robin Rich tried to convince us he had been a minor actor / dog handler in “All Creatures Great and Small”; a very convincing description but not a word of truth.   Duncan described how he set up a Teddy Bears Picnic in the woods for a commercial client which, strangely, did actually happen.

Albrecht Winnaker convinced many that he had met a dog in Scotland who had “died” for his country’s independence, by falling onto its back every time the UK National Anthem was played.  Few guessed that that was true – but it was!   

Trish Joscelyne  fooled no-one with her tale of how she uses Monkey (a large cuddly toy) to pass messages to Brian about “jobs to be done”.  And Kevin’s description of how his parachute didn’t open until rescued by his instructor and his knife?  Well that did apparently happen, but

not to Kevin!

Highlight of the evening was probably the “This is My…” segment, where three Rotarians described how they know our special guest, Ann, who appeared on her screen looking extremely poe-faced throughout.  Few believed Eileen’s story of how Ann had appeared on her drive with a shotgun, en route to a Murder Mystery evening.  But when Ann finally confessed and produced the shotgun in front of her,  there were audible gasps.

WARLTY is perhaps now part of the fabric of our club and especially its relationship with Erlangen.  And a really fun evening without having to leave the comforts of home!  Thanks to all the story-tellers who took part and did such a good job!

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