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Map Action at work

For several years we - alongside many other Rotary Clubs in the UK - have been supporting the work of Map Action, a charity based in the UK that provide emergency mapping and support services around the globe when disasters strike. The work of their volunteers sent to disaster areas is crucial in pin-pointing the areas of most need, and the situation on the ground for emergency workers.

York Rotary recently raised a further £500 for their work, through a new "COVID-friendly" version of our annual charity walk.

The response from Map Action is shown below, together with recent examples of their work in the devastated areas of Central America following recent hurricanes Eta and Iota..

"Dear Nigel,

I was delighted to hear from our office team of your recent donation.

Thank you very much indeed.

I thought you and your fellow Rotarians would be

interested to know what your contribution is assisting

with at present, so please find attached details of our current response.

Warm regards, Nigel.

Nigel Press Technical Advisor"

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