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On July 14th we had a return visit from Make it York. Since our last talk, there has been a change of managing director. We welcomed Sarah Loftus, the new MD who took up the post two years ago. She inherited a huge deficit at Make it York but quickly turned things round to produce a profit in her first year. Make it York has its own website together with a website for Visit York, its marketing arm, which Sarah explained is somewhat confusing. Make it York manages markets and visitor attractions.

This year the Shambles market has proved popular with residents and visitors alike. The Christmas market has been known as the Saint Nicholas market for many years and many visitors found that confusing. This year it will be the York Christmas market.

Make it York also manages ‘space’, such as the very successful ice trail. More trails are envisaged for the future. York Trailblazers is an exciting city-wide programme of events and activities throughout the period 2023 – 2025, celebrating York's heritage. The endangered tansy beetle has been chosen as the emblem of the Trailblazer project reflecting its special status as a York resident.

Sarah was enthusiastic about the future for the city, an essential quality for someone in her position, and left us in a much happier position than did her predecessor.

Graham Todd

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