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Lies, damn lies and Rotarian lies!

Back by popular demand, our second on-line quiz game "Would a Rotarian Lie to You" held on May 18th was even more hilarious than the first!

It was also a really international affair, with Rotarians joining us from Jamaica, Germany, South Africa and California USA. With our own members and partners, a total of 80 people took part.

A mix of true stories and outrageous lies were the order of the day, and the standard of lying was so good that most teams were fooled into believing the evidence in front of them; and the true stories so extraordinary that most decided they were very un-true!

Desmond Creary from Kingston Jamaica Rotary

Amongst the highlights, Horst, who joined us from Erlangen Germany, donned his sunglasses "to avoid detection from my eye movements during interrogation" and answered questions about his tale of starting a bomb scare in Berlin (it was true!).

Horst Lindenberg from Erlangen Rotary, Germany

Roger also had a tale of smuggling champagne from East Germany to West Germany in the boot of his car which came under intense scrutiny. In the end, he declared it was true. And Robin said he had lent money to Paul McCartney in 1965 when he (Paul) did not have enough to buy petrol. Really? Actually, yes. Wonderful lies were made up by Mary, Steve and Nicola with so much information that they just had to be true, but weren't.

In the "This is My" round, we were joined by a special guest Julie. Paul, Desmond and Ellie all made out that Julie was their friend and related stories of their past. Desmond claimed she had thrown up over his jacket while blind drunk at a Masonic dinner in Nottingham. He added so much detail that this had to be true, wasn't it? In a "poll" 70% of those attending thought so. Actually it was nonsense... Julie is actually a writer, and a friend of Elly with whom she shared an experience at the Bird of Prey Centre at Huby!

The winning team - who guessed correctly "true or lie" in each of the six rounds - included Nicola (pictured), who is a potential Associate Member of York Rotary. In a "guess the number" run-off, she and her husband Steve won the prize, a box of Belgian chocolates.

A fun evening and a rare opportunity to meet and enjoy the company of Rotarians from across the world; a formula we expect to continue through Zoom in the future, even when we are "back to normal"

The Prize!

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