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Lies and Truths

Updated: Feb 24

It was a novel experience for many – listening to Rotarians telling lies! With a (fake) waiver certificate in hand from RI giving a short “exemption” from the 4-way Test, a “Would a Rotarian Lie to You?” game evening was held on zoom on February 16th.

Based (very loosely) on the very popular BBC programme format, seven teams took part (a total of just under 90 people) in trying to deduce whether a story was “the Truth” or “a Lie” after questioning the storyteller.

It was a pleasure to welcome seven members of our sister Club in Erlangen Germany to the event – heaven only knows what they made of it!! – as well as our good friend Desmond from Kingston Jamaica, and Elly Fiorentini (pictured);

as well as Friends of Rotary members and many Rotarian partners.

It was hard to believe that Wilfried from Erlangen (pictured) was telling a “tall story” (he was!) or that Keith Davis had been a nudist in his past (it was true) and Elly’s tale of being wined and dined by a Dragon Boat team after a Challenge event seemed very true to our expectations. (it was a lie).

During a round of “This is My” we had a guest join us (Sam) who was claimed by three of us to be a friend who had been either: administered Polio vaccine in India; administering first aid to a fallen horse rider; or helping rescue a walker while on a hike in South America. (Voting by everyone on this produced almost a three-way tie in terms of which they thought it was) In the end Sam revealed she had been with Rebecca in South America and the rescue story was the true one. She also revealed she had joined the zoom call from San Francisco, making it a truly international evening!


Everyone seemed to enjoy the event – which turned out to be very suitable for Zoom format, with its breakout rooms for teams to “discuss” their choices. With so much positive feedback afterwards, it is now hoped to repeat the game a second time, probably in May.

Any potential liars, please step forward!

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