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Learning about Dementia

Leah Bull

On October 15th a group of 11 members and partners attended an "Zoom" education session on becoming Dementia Friends, run by Friends of York Rotary member Leah Bull and her colleague Julie Lee, both from Alzheimer's Society Yorkshire.   This followed a similar pattern to the highly praised session led by Leah last December (at the Novotel).

We learnt a lot about the facts and myths of dementia, a brain disease often misunderstood and confused with "ageing" (there being no direct correlation); that dementia is not just about losing memory; and how to help us and others understand the needs of people who have dementia and help them lead a positive life rather than being viewed as a "victim".

Julie Lee

It was a very helpful, interactive and enjoyable hour - many thanks to Leah and Julie for running the session.

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