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International walk and social

Updated: May 23

The York Rotary International walk and social was held on Wednesday 15th May 2024.  The event was centred on Gilling East Village hall and comprised options for a long or short walk/treasure hunt followed by afternoon tea and the chance to ride on the miniature railway that surrounds the hall. 

The long walk was ably lead by Paul Roberts, 20 walkers participated.  We departed the village hall and walked up to Gilling castle, from the castle we walked across to a dam associated with a reservoir (the photograph show the part on the dam.  We then walked across to Ampleforth across the grounds of Ampleforth Abbey school past the various cricket pitches where school matches were being played.  The walk return across fields to Gilling East hall and the welcome afternoon tea.

Those on the short walk treasure hunt enjoyed a stroll around the village answering treasure hunt clues set Mary Lumley and Sheila Weatherburn.  Of the 24 available marks the highest scorers were Ceila and David Impey 23 and the booby prize of French bean plants was won by Tom Jackson with a score of 16.

The afternoon tea of scones and cakes was enjoyed by all, many thanks to the catering team for their excellent work. The tea then followed by a raffle.

As an added attraction we had a chance to look at and ride on the Ryedale Miniature Railway which was opened specially for us.  The miniature railway fully surrounds the village hall with an extensive network of tracks and associated infrastructure of three different gauges (3.5”, 5” and 7.25”).  The railway is a fully operational railway system, with a complex signalling system, but in miniature.  Many of us enjoyed having a ride on the railway and were very impressed by the power and speed of the miniature railway.

Click on the image below to see the short video clip of the train returning to Gilling East station.

The event raised funds for The Butterfly Foundation for peace which works with disadvantaged children in Malawi to develop their self esteem and education.  Mary Lumley and the organising team are delighted that a total of £940 was raised.

David Fotheringham


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