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Diane reports...

Our first collection of items for refugees was made on Saturday 22nd August. We (me, Frank, Nigel, and Robin) transferred all the boxes from Frank Paterson’s garage into Roddy’s (Hope and Aid Direct volunteer) van for transporting to the warehouse near Bath.

We sent 26 boxes of towels, 23 boxes of blankets and 46 sleeping bags plus a 3-bedroom tent, 2 pallet loads in total. What a fantastic total!

Well done everyone – but please can you keep collecting. There will be a container going mid to late September and if we can contribute another pallet load that would be fantastic.

A request has gone out to Friends of York Rotary so those of you who offered to be collectors may get a contact via the website.

I am having some success by delivering leaflets to my neighbours, please let me know if there are community groups/web groups you know of but have not contacted yet. I can help with an article to circulate or a personal flyer to print. Does anyone know of a Rotarian who could publicise the project in Poppleton?

Thanks again for all your support, please keep collecting!

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