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Help for disadvantaged schoolchildren

Eileen reports...

Thank you to York Rotary!

The third lockdown generated by the Covid-19 pandemic prompted the York Rotary Youth Service Team to ask Ambassadors to contact their secondary school links to identify any ensuing problems.

An urgent need was identified for Chromebooks to support home learning for disadvantaged students. A Tri-Club initiative was born…..

Rotary in York : Tri-Club Initiative for Computers in Schools.

John Niklaus of York Ainsty and Leighton Davies of York Vikings agreed to come on board with the York Rotary Youth Services Team who had already agreed to fund some devices for York High School - and had already done so in a previous lockdown.

All Ambassadors contacted their schools and some reported that they were coping. However, 6 came back with requests of varying degrees of need. For the sake of ease, each Club took responsibility for funding 2 schools : for us it was York High and Fulford School.

Tri-Clubs funds were pooled. Very aware of the scale of need, I was relieved when York Rotary Council agreed that the January “Donate a Lunch” funds should be allocated to the initiative. Generous donations came in and we have, to date, the healthy sum of over £3,200 raised.

We acted quickly and sincere thanks are due to all the Ambassadors who became a vital link between the schools and Treasurers who paid the money directly to the schools. Purchasing will be done by the schools, so that specifications match their own requirements and specialist bulk purchasing can be applied.

The 6 York schools have already received funds for a total of 32 Chromebooks with a cost of about £8k. They are:-

YORK Mary Lumley York High School

Paul Roberts Fulford School

AINSTY Christine True Vale of York Academy

Martin Simpson Huntington School

VIKINGS John Lacy The Danesgate Community

Vic Brookes York College

We have completed what might be termed as Phase 1; further needs may emerge as word gets out.

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