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Ground Breaking at York Hospital

In 2020, York Rotary were unable to run the annual Dragon Boat Challenge event due to COVID restrictions.

Instead, a VIRTUAL Dragon Boat event was organised where crazy stunts such as rowing in a bathtub, rowing on chairs in the back garden, or riding on a tractor, were set up by members and videos made. Each pound raised from these antics moved a "virtual" dragon boat - on our website - further down the Ouse, and in the end the whole course from Newton on Ouse to the Humber Estuary was completed!

A record of the event, and the videos made, can be seen at https://www.yorkrotary.co.uk/virtual-dragon

The event far exceeded our expectations, and a total of £20,150 was raised for York Hospital Charity.

The money was raised to help fund a refurbishment of one one the outdoor spaces at York Hospital, a garden which is to be transformed into a "Rotary Peace and Reflection Garden" space.

It took a while to get the project approved, fully funded and set up, but on May 31st the ground-breaking ceremony took place at the Hospital, attended by four York Rotarians all of whom had participated in the Virtual Dragon Boat event.

The garden should be completed in the next couple of months, when York Rotarians will be invited to an opening ceremony to see the final results of our donation coming to fruition.

Plan of the new garden

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