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Further support for York's Vaccination Volunteers

Sheila reports......

After the Kitkat story (see earlier news item - Nov 22nd) .................. our next initiative was a Free Christmas Raffle for the Volunteers....’Volunteers helping Volunteers”

We had 3 fantastic prizes as shown on Jane Albon’s excellent poster.

(We are now known as the Kitkat Girls! (unsure what Nigel gets called!) )

The Draw for the Free Christmas Raffle took place on December 3rd. President David, Nigel and myself met Hannah Linaker, the Volunteer Coordinator, to draw the prizes. David drew the first prize out, Nigel the second and Sheila the third.

Hannah has been delighted with both the Kitkat initiative and now the raffle and said that she was sure the lucky volunteers would also be delighted.

Nigel then went off suitably glad to do his usual litter pick at the site which he has been doing since the Hub opened.

And our final "Christmas Gift" to all Volunteers and Staff.... is to deliver Santa and Snowmen chocolate tree baubles on the two Sundays before Christmas - what we will become known as then ...suggestions welcomed???????

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