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Discovering Yorkshire Bears

John Lacy's quizzes have been a mainstay of York Rotary's social events over the years - whether at weekend breaks, barbeques or wherever, so it was only right to give his creative skills a whirl in our current environment - on Zoom. Over 50 members and partners took part in the "Centenary Quiz" event, held on April 21st.

And creativity abounded! - with questions on a wide range of topics from York landmarks, food and drink, sport, film and TV.... and of course "pot luck" which this time included a question on naming two famous Yorkshire bears. Confused?

The answer turned out to be Sooty and Pudsey, both with their "roots" in Yorkshire, apparently.

Participants worked in six teams to debate and solve the various puzzling questions, and the success rate was surprisingly high. As the event unfolded, Mary and Sheila kept a tally on the scores (teams "marked their own" answers, which could only be considered equitable and unchallenged in a true Rotary context!) They showed the cumulative scores on a spreadsheet, and excitement, with not a little competitiveness, grew as each round was added and the scores were very close between the teams.

The picture round had everyone scratching their heads trying to identify York Rotarians from their "very old!!) photographs. All the people featured were present that evening, so they were able to reveal themselves one by one, which created much hilarity!

In the end, the "No Brainers" team won the day, with the "Cosmopolitans" just one point behind and the "Flower Arrangers" bringing up the rear. After a quick "Guess the number" elimination amongst the "No Brainers" members, the bottle of wine prize went to (who could have guessed it) Mary and Sheila. We all know that no cheating occurred, and M&S were delighted to be the winners, having themselves organised two quizzes during our lockdown period. Well deserved!

Many thanks to John in particular, and all who helped put the evening together - another great example of Rotary fun and sociability that has managed to keep going over the long period of lockdown.

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